Family Activities

Here are some activities that you can do today to help your children engage with scripture and faith while you’re at home.

Children’s Sermons from Mrs. Mingo

NEW! At-Home Bible Lessons

The Teachings of Jesus (6 Weeks)

Lesson 1: Jesus Teaches Us to Not Worry


Read:  Read Matthew 6:25-34 together.
Discuss: Jesus was a great teacher. He taught his followers many things about sharing, prayer, fasting and being fair. One of the most important things he taught us was to not worry too much. Jesus want us to know he cares for us and he knows what we need.


Questions to ask. 
  1. Why did Jesus talk about birds and flowers?
  2. Does God care about the animals and plants on the earth?
  3. Does God care about people?
  4. Why do we not have to worry about tomorrow?


Color Sheets: Jesus Teaching People at


Craft: Go on a backyard or park scavenger hunt to find flower petals, leafs, grass and small stones.  Make a poster by gluing scavenger hunt items into a large flower or plant.  Write the words, Don’t worry!  God loves you! on your nature poster.


Song: Search YouTube for: Sing Hosanna, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands


Closing Prayer:  

Dear God,

Thank you for taking care

of the birds and flowers

Thank you for taking care of me.

In Jesus’ name


The Teachings of Jesus (6 Weeks)

Lesson 2: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray

Read:   Bible Luke 11:1-13 together as a family.


Discuss: Jesus would often leave his disciples and go away to pray quietly.


  1. Why do you think his disciples asked him to teach them to pray?
  2. Why would a prayer from Jesus be special?
  3. When do you pray?
  4. What things should we pray about?


Color Sheets: Search for “The Lord’s Prayer” at



Craft: Hand print prayer:  Trace your hand on a piece of paper.  Write the following words in the fingers.



Thumb: Praise God

Pointer; Confess your sins

Middle: Thank God

Ring: Pray for others

Pinkie: Pray for yourself


Decorate the rest of the paper as desired.


Song: YouTube: The Lord’s Prayer: Saddleback Kids






Dear God,

I am so happy I can talk to you

I know you hear my prayers

And I know you care for me.

In Jesus’ name


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