About Bellaire United Methodist Church

Our Mission

Our mission at Bellaire UMC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We seek to do this by connecting people to God, connecting people to people, and connecting people to service.

Our Pastors and Staff

Bellaire UMC is led by a talented, highly dedicated group of Christians working hard to make disciples of Jesus Christ and empower God’s vision for this church.

Our Beliefs

United Methodists place a strong emphasis on the love and grace of God. We believe that God’s grace is an active part of every human’s life from the moment of birth (prevenient grace), to the individual’s saving experience of God through Jesus Christ (justifying grace), and throughout the rest of his or her life in Christian discipleship (sanctifying grace). The grace of God is perceived by people through the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in the world.

Our History

Bellaire United Methodist Church has been worshipping and serving in Bellaire for 70 years. Founded in Condit Elementary School in 1946, Bellaire UMC has grown from its 40 original members to over 1,300 members today who are engaged in life-changing ministry throughout the city and beyond.

Want to learn more? We’d be happy to share more information or answer any questions you may have.